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Owning one backpack is similar to owning one pair of socks. Whoever said that women are not just crazy about backpacks? Though, some may prefer shoulder bags, but even so, every woman owns at least one backpack and that is a fact. It might be surprising at first but you will be glad to know that you’re not the only one who owns multiple backpacks. And here’s one of the few reasons why:


  1. It’s comfortable


Sometimes, we get too choked up because of our work. From one meeting to another, it can be too stressful to have an elegant classy handbag with you—but not with backpacks. If your work involves too many field activities where you have to go back and forth to conduct meetings and present, backpacks are easy to travel with. Furthermore, there are backpacks that are compatible with your corporate attire so you won’t have to worry about your outfit.


  1. Helps maintain good posture


We’re not getting any younger and we should very well take good care of our posture. Backpacks are more resilient in fashion compared to handbags. There are those that are solid in colors that can help maintain your professional look. But most of all, backpacks have more touch-points across your back which prevents the weight to concentrate on one side. It centers your gravity and makes sure that your shoulders are pulled back straight.


  1. Spacious


Another thing that women consider in buying backpacks is space. Women can have backpacks specifically for traveling but they also need one for laptops. Handbags are not very friendly when it comes to laptops and certainly we can’t have handbags and briefcases all at the same time. It’s exhausting and not very stylish. Backpacks are created to also cater your 14 to 15 inch laptop needs and other essential belongings.


  1. It’s durable


Backpacks are made to endure the hardships in life. Kidding aside, most backpacks are created for long-term use. With some of its lightweight material, it is made to withstand rain shower and being dumped on the floor. Basically, it can tolerate all the unforeseen events that could have happened to your bag and at a reasonable price. This is one of the distinct features of backpacks that make us realize why some women would prefer using it other than using expensive high-end handbags.


  1. Hands Free


Lastly, one of the perks of owning backpacks is you get to go running around the city with your hands free. You can catch up with the hustle and bustle of the city; attend to your kid’s soccer practice while buying his basic needs from the nearest convenience store. Everything seems to be doable with just your backpack on. It also comes in handy when you go traveling across the world. You get to experience the scenery and enjoy what the nature has to offer without having to worry that you might forget your things because everything is in your backpack.

Notting Hill - Backpack /Crossbody Bag


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