Should I get a leather backpack in tan or black? Which is more practical and versatile?

Leather backpacks have become trendier nowadays. They are both stylish, functional and very convenient to wear to any type of occasion. More brands are also coming up with a variety of designs and sizes. However, it might be difficult to choose whether to get a black leather backpack or a tan leather backpack. The same is true with leather bucket bags.

Here are some things you might want to consider when choosing the colour of your leather backpack. 

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1. Where will you use it?

The colour would depend on where you would often use your leather backpack. If you plan on bringing it anywhere, especially to places where it might get scuffed, spilt on or damaged, it’s best to go with black.

Black is also a good option if you plan on bringing it to more formal events. The colour black commands elegance and chicness, thus, bringing it to dinner parties and other formal events would be the best choice. For a more laid back style, one might go for a tan leather backpack.

2. What do you usually wear?

Both the colours black and tan typically go perfectly with any outfit. This is why most women opt to go for these colours instead of non-neutral ones. However, there are some instances where a black handbag could look boring. If you find that you lean more towards black clothing, especially if your wardrobe consists mostly of blacks, you could do well with a tan backpack. The pop of colour in your outfit will definitely look great.

Moreover, if you wear denim or other clothing made of fabrics with dyes, colour transfer may be a problem. Thus, it might not be ideal to get a tan-coloured leather backpack unless you want to deal with stains. Note that the colour transfer issue also depends on what type of leather you would get.

3. Are you careful with your bag?

Black should be your first choice if you have butterfingers. If you are clumsy and tend to spill things over your clothes and bags from time to time, it might not be ideal for you to get a tan leather backpack. Black is an overall low-maintenance bags.

However, if you find that you’re very careful with your items, it might not hurt to go for a tan leather backpack. Some women enjoy this colour because it practically goes with everything but is not dark-coloured. 

4. Are all your other bags in the colour black?

Most women would have at least one black bag in their collection. So if you’re the type of woman who already owns tons of black bags, it might be a good time to switch it up. Exploring other colours to add to your wardrobe would not hurt at all. A nice quality tan backpack is a good way to begin. It also goes well with any type of outfit but is a good change from the usual black bag.

Both tan and black leather are good choices for a backpack. It’s only a matter of taste and preference on which one to get. There’s an extensive line of leather backpacks and leather bucket bags over at Esin Akan. Check out their line to find the one suitable for your daily needs and style.