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City Tote

Cloud - £450.00


This bag is ideal for busy professionals that have an active life both day and evening. The iconic City Tote can carry you to an important meeting during the day and you could choose a detachable City Clutch from our range to add a personal touch. The City Tote has two compartments inside: one that can accommodate business essentials such as a laptop, laptop charger and the other that can accommodate your everyday essentials. There are clever pockets for your mobile phone, business cards, keys, and make-up items. The size of the bag is carefully designed to accommodate many things, whilst not overwhelming the petite wearer. 

 The mini cardholder attached to the handbag allows quick access to your cards when you need. All the materials that go into this bag are handpicked to be the lightest weight possible to offer comfort even when the bag is completely full. This style is the best seller for women that look for a stylish shoulder bag for their laptop.

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