11 Chic Tote Bags for Every Occasion

One of the reasons to consider buying a tote bag is that it’s very comfortable and can go with any outfit you choose to wear at any place. You can easily stuff all the things you use daily in just one fashionable compartment. But of course it would even be trendier to say that tote bags vary on different occasions, which may also make it more difficult which tote to use. To make it easier for you, below are some stylish totes available on the market. After all, when it’s about tote bags, you can’t just own one.


  1. Beach Totes

This kind of tote bag is the right one for you if you want to go and unwind at the beach with your family and friends. It’s spacious, resilient, and comprised of unique designs that are perfect for the summer.


  1. Business Totes

They are commonly used on business trips. Made from supple leather, this tote is easy to go around with your busy schedules and jam-packed presentations.


  1. Canvas Totes

It’s sturdy, solid and has different patterns, from plaids to unique groovy prints. This tote will surely never run out of style.


  1. Travel Totes

Composed of earthly colors to match your luggage, this can make traveling less stressful for you because it ensures that you have all the compartments needed for your essential documents, like tickets and passports.


  1. Sport Totes

This is usually applicable to both men and women. With its unisex features, it has different colors and fabric to choose from.However, men’s totes are edgier and sharper in colors.


  1. Laptop Totes

Other than those plain backpacks used to carry laptops, this tote is precisely outlined to cater your laptops coupled with few compartments to store documents.


  1. Leather Totes

This tough tote gives off professional and classy vibes, sufficient for your day-to-day trips. It sets off a stylish impression in any business environment, just perfect to seize your day and win your client’s attention.


  1. Jute Totes

Made from vegetable fiber, it is eco-friendly and trendy. With only a single compartment, carrying your groceries and other household items has never been this fashionable.


  1. Printed Totes

This tote gives you an option to choose the kind that suits your personality the most. With different kinds of prints, this can be used anywhere except on formal trips and occasions.


  1. Mini Totes

Tote bags do not come in one size, as they can go smaller depending on the style and use. Furthermore, they have different designs. You can wear one when going to parties or having coffee and catch-ups with friends.


  1. Larger Totes

The storage capacity of this tote is larger than the normal ones. It can be used when going to the gym, or the nearest farmer’s market, or even when traveling across countries. This is convenient due to its spacious compartments and numerous pockets.


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