What Makes Handbags so Appealing for Women?

There are millions of answers as to why women love handbags so much. Clearly, it is not just for the sake of keeping up with the trend. Handbags are not just for fashion statements, though their style and elegance contribute so much in our everyday apparel. Truthfully speaking, many women would faint if they don’t have their handbags with them. Thus, it is important to talk about handbags as a matter of importance, complexity, and investment other than their stylish features.


Many women often look for handbags that can be used for their day-to-day activities. For them, style is one thing that they consider; but other than that, what they deemed to be necessary is its capacity to store their essential belongings wherever they may choose to go. Women consider handbags as their companion in doing shopping and buying groceries, which means they should not be too heavy or bulky. Women buy handbags for long-term use;so even if the price is expensive, they choose to shrug it off since what they are looking for in a bag is the quality. If it’s good and durable with a price tag stating that you get more than what you paid for, why should they settle for something cheaper with poor quality?

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It is quite intriguing as to why handbags are deemed to be complex. Sure, it may look like a leathered compartment that can be easily brought around because of its size. But there’s more to handbags other than the size, shape, and design. Bags will forever remain as accessories for women, the kind of accessory that contains women’s most intimate belongings. Men find it mysterious as to what the contents of the bags are. It seems like whenever they need something, women will just fumble through their bags. Handbags also serve as protection of women’s privacy. The bags may be out in the open but you would never know what is inside it. You are allowed to look, admire and be fascinated of the bag, but you would never dare to know what is inside.



It is not arrogant to say that handbags are considered as investments. Do you know the price of the most expensive bag that has ever existed? There are too many branded luxurious handbags in the world and many women are in dire need of owning at least one of them. Luis Vuitton and Hermes bags are the ones that are mostly in demand all over the world. Sure, you may think that handbags depreciate over time and therefore must not be considered as an investment. But a high-end bag can give you at least a thousand dollars. Not bad for a duly worn handbag, right? Imagine if your handbags are well maintained and taken care of! It would cost even more and would be enough to add up to your bank account.


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