Summer Getaway Bags | Why Fly When You Can Cruise

Summers have arrived. The season has swiftly changed into the season of travel and it is the right time to flaunt your stylish leather crossbody bag. This summer, make a plan to spend a day or two with your friends on a cruise. Cruising is advantageous then flying because it provides real value for money. And above all, spending a vacation on a cruise is far cheaper than the combined rate of airfare and hotel charges.

After deciding to spend the holidays on a cruise ship, the requirement of a bag is obvious. While many women prefer leather bucket bag or a leather tote bag as their perfect accessory, others go for a leather crossbody bag. Some women are most comfortable in their work tote. Here some bags are described which will be your perfect partner for this summer getaway.

Notting Hill

This bestseller belongs to Esin Akan’s convertible handbags collection. It is a leather bucket bag which can also be used as a backpack. With its detachable straps, you can easily convert it to a backpack. For spending holidays on a cruise, you will require a spacious bag to carry all your essential belongings. Notting Hill is perfect for that purpose because by pulling down its side panel zipper, you can make it more spacious. It can be personalized differently as per your needs. Moreover, a magnet closure on the top, a big zipped pocket, and a node make it the safest bag.

Notting Hill – Bucket Bag/Backpack


Experts define it as a perfect leather tote bag. Women use it as their work or laptop tote which is also used as a travel bag when its side tie knot is opened. Yes, its drawstring closure and side tie knot help in transforming it from a simple tote bag into a large sized travel bag. This feature makes it a perfect summer getaway bag. This bag from Esin Akan has enough space to satisfy your work as well as travel needs. Whether you want to store an extra pair of shoes, clothes, or a laptop and A4 sized files, this bag can easily accommodate all.

Stockholm – Tote/Shoulder/Laptop bag


This is a favourite of all because it can be used as a work bag, weekend away bag, evening bag as well as travel bag. This leather crossbody bag from the house of Esin Akan can also be used as a stylish handheld clutch during the day or evenings. Its main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your everyday essentials as well as an extra pair of clothes when using it as a summer getaway bag. When you can expand it by opening its folded part and attach a strap, it no longer remains a handheld clutch. Yes, you guessed it right, it becomes a crossbody bag.

Nice – Clutch Bag/Crossbody Bag

If you belong to the fraternity who feels that a women’s work tote is also a perfect summer getaway bag, then you should definitely visit the online store of Esin Akan. They offer a wide variety of bags for every occasion and every taste.