How To Downsize Your Office Bag

If you are also living with the thought that downsizing your office bag is next to impossible, then you might be sleeping, not living because it is now possible to downsize a humongous and stuffed office bag to a small purse. Here, some day-to-night inside my bag tips will help you decrease the weight carried on your shoulders.

1. Keep Essentials in The Desk Drawers of Your Office

If you commute to office by a car, you can keep the essentials in your car otherwise it is best to keep all the stuff required at the workplace. For example, emergency makeup, books, Band-Aids, etc. You don’t need to carry such things every day from home to office or vice versa. And, if someday you require something in between office and home, then there are drug stores which have almost everything.

2. Get a Convertible Bag

You can go for a convertible handbag which will adjust according to you. A convertible handbag can be transformed into other forms of bags. So, you don’t need to purchase different bags for your everyday needs. This kind of bag can fulfill the requirement for shoulder bags for work, a backpack, a purse and a tote bag.

3. Figure Out the Stuff You Require from One Point to Another

You might require money, your subway card, phone, cash, sunglasses, lip gloss, breath strip, a bandage, friction balm and a mirror when a significant distance from your home to office is covered by walking. But there can be some things from this stuff which you can keep at home or office. This will immensely downsize your office bag.

4. Use Paper Shopping Bags for Other Things

If you like to collect small paper bags with handle, then you have a good hobby. These paper bags are perfect to separately carry small things like lunchbox to the office. After the work, they can easily be tossed into the dustbin or brought back to home for reuse.

5. Use Apps for Reading Novels

Reading novels is the common habit most office going women have. Novels, no doubt, consume a lot of space in your office bag. Instead of carrying them physically, you can download them to your smartphone and read. If you are into magazines, you can easily carry them in your hands.

The Outperformers

In this Wonder-Woman era, the two bags which are outperforming every other bag globally are as follows:

· Rome Poppy

Rome Poppy is an outstanding day-to-evening bag from Esin Akan. This is an amazing convertible bag which can be transformed from a shoulder bag to a beautiful clutch bag. When used as a clutch bag, the zip top closure will keep your essentials safe.

Rome – Shoulder/Clutch bag


· Rome Black

This black colored convertible handbag is the first choice of working woman because you can easily carry a small laptop, A5 sized notebook, make-up, an additional cardigan, wallet, keys, and phone in it. No other bag in this range can keep you this much organized. It is a perfect bag for work, holidays and weekends. The best thing is that you will look trendy all the time.

Rome – Shoulder/Clutch bag