Do Your Light-Colored Leather Bags Stay Clean?

We sometimes save up our money for months to get designer handbags. But then many among us forget to take good care of their precious handbags that result in the wear and tear of the products even before the season ends! Esin Akan is always passionate about manufacturing luxury leather products and she believes her consumers should care for their investments to make sure they do not lose their charm over the years.

Will your light-colored leather bags stay clean?

Well, they will if you consider regular maintenance instead of opting for a quick fix. Remember that leather after all is a skin and it has its own skin care routine. This means you will have to clean it on a regular basis to protect its luster from scuff marks or stains.

How often should you clean the bag?

This will depend on how often you will use the bag. If you use the light colored bag every other day, you should clean it once every two months or so. But if you use it occasionally, let’s say during the weekends or when attending a party, then do it every six months. One thing to remember is do not overdo it because your bag could lose its shine earlier than your expectation.

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How do you go about the whole process at home?

You may consider going to a specialist to get your designer handbag clean and well-maintained, that will not be so realistic considering the big have not suffered some really rough stains that won’t go away so easily. Follow these steps for regular cleaning and retain the value of your purchase for the years to come–

  1. Start by creating a foam using a high-quality cleaning solution. Massage the foam into your bag. Clean it both inside and outside.
  2. Let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a protection cream. Be careful with the corners, handles, and areas that you often touch when wearing the bag. Then let it dry again for around 10 minutes.
  3. You can get it done in just 15 minutes and save on the restoration treatment that you might otherwise have to opt for in near future.
  4. If your light colored bag gets stained quite easily because it has an absorbent leather, you might have to repeat the process a few times to get the desired results.
  5. If you are in a hurry and can’t spend much time on the main areas of the bag e.g. the handles, give those areas a fast wipe down to keep it fresh looking for longer.  

Esin Akan believes that you should have the right cleaning as well as protective products at home for the optimum maintenance of your light colored bag. These may include clothes, sponges, brushes and many more. If you are interested to check out some of the designer handbags at Esin Akan, visit her official store and see her rich collection that might surely surprise you!

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