14 Common Misconceptions about Designer Handbags

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Designer handbags are surrounded by some statements that have been repeated so much that they seem to be true. In fact, some of those facts are completely false or have little truth that is also twisted. Here are some of those misconceptions explained for your better understanding:

  1. All authentic and legit handbags have serial numbers.

This is a myth as even fake handbag manufacturers can produce serial numbers and tags. You should know that just because the bag comes with an authenticity card doesn’t mean it is legit, as it could be counterfeit.

  1. All designer handbags are expensive and made for the rich and famous only.

Although some designer handbags are expensive, this doesn’t mean that all of them are unaffordable for the common people. It takes only a little saving to acquire an original designer handbag.

  1. High price designer handbags have warranties.

This is completely false since most designer bags don’t have warranties because these bags are often made of material like leather whose quality may decrease over time.

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  1. Designers never sale products themselves.

Some people tend to believe that the only way you can acquire designer handbags is through placing orders with manufacturers. But this is not true as some cloth stores sell authentic designer handbags themselves.

  1. Designer handbags always have gold hardware.

These handbags’ hardware may look like gold but it’s not always gold. Some of those hardware are just painted with a gold colored paint or polish.

  1. Original designer bags are never made in China.

This is not completely true because some of the best designer companies have branches in China. Companies like Prada, Coach among others have factories in China to produce legit handbags.

  1. Some people believe that only the most famous designers produce good handbags.

This is not true as even the emerging designer cloth lines can produce authentic designer handbags.

  1. Cheap designer handbags are fake.

This is alsountrue since basedon the features of the bag and the market condition, a handbag can be sold at a low price despite being very authentic.

  1. The bags have to pass flame test for authenticity.

No matter how authentic it is,any handbag can get burnt. Trying this test will end up destroying even an authentic bag because leather and cotton are combustible.

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  1. Only Italian companies have good designer handbags.

Many designer companies may be Italian, but this doesn’t mean that companies from other countries don’t produce good handbags.

  1. Women carrying fake designer bags are liars.

This may apply for a small group of women who want to lie about their status. But that doesn’t mean that women with original and legit designer handbags don’t lie at all.

  1. Design handbags are produced only by using an application e.g.Photoshop.

This is not true since design is a process of developing something unique.

  1. The best designer handbags are designed by natural designers.

Designing is learnt from observation and creative thinking. There is no such thing as natural designers.

  1. The best designer handbags are the leather handbags.

This is not completely true because it depends onone’s preference. Some cotton handbags can be better than the leather handbags.

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