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If it’s good enough for Meghan Markle... the best bags for under £500, The Times

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, 13 Dec 2017

A designer-quality handbag doesn’t have to cost thousands — the fashion director picks her favourite little-known labels.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their walkabout in Nottingham
It’s one of the most important fashion purchases we make, our handbag. It’s not just that we carry it every day, but that we are all too well aware of the fact that, whether we like it or not, people will draw conclusions from it. No wonder we get stressed about what and where to buy. No wonder luxury brands have turned extremely expensive iterations into the cornerstone of their business in the past couple of decades. The It bag, the statement bag... there was a time, remarkable as it may seem, when a bag was just a bag. Not any more. These days even 2,000 quid doesn’t get you that far in the world of high-end arm candy.
Markle with her Strathberry Midi tote

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