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Gillian McKeith and Her Daughter In Vampire-themed Premier, Metro UK

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Emma Kelly, Thursday 26 Jul 2018


Gillian McKeith and her daughter, 18, don studded bras, fishnets and fake blood for vampire-themed premiere.

Gillian McKeith is mainly known for fainting on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and rummaging through people’s poo on You Are What You Eat. But now, she’s reinventing herself as a red carpet provocateur, and you know what? We’re kind of here for it. The 58-year-old has made a habit of attending premieres and events in matching outfits with her 18-year-old daughter Afton, and the mother-daughter duo went all out for the premiere of Fanged Up.

Gillian and Afton took the vampire theme and ran with it, dripping blood from their mouths while wearing fishnet tops over spiked bras. Wait – do you not wear matching studded underwear with your parents? The ladies also wore long black and maroon velvet hooded coats to add to the bloodsucking fantasy.

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